Flavor Test Drive – 2 cups

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Take us for a test drive!

These 2 cup packages are the perfect size to ensure that your 4-legged kid loves the meal flavor.

For particulars on each flavor please see the main product selection.

The Inside Scoop


When preparing a meal use a measuring cup, or digital scale, to obtain the correct amount of food per serving. Warm/heat enough water to cover the food. Let stand for 5-10 minutes, stir and serve. Depending on your pup’s preference, you can add more liquid and create more of a stew or soup consistency. We like to use more liquid to ensure that our kanine kids are always well hydrated.

It is imperative that any leftovers be refrigerated, or disposed of.


We all have our budgets, and you can still feed your best friend Bon Appetreat. You can add our real food to your existing commercial dog food. It will add nutritional density, and value to every meal. Follow our transition process, and add as much as you can comfortably afford. Make sure that you calculate the calories so that you don’t over feed.

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