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Nicolas Plescha

My dog Sophia who she had always hard time with most of the brands out in the market...I can’t stop her eating... it’s amazing !!! Remark this is more active like running getting on the couch etc. ... this is a natural food that is made with love !!! Thank you Bon Appetreat


This is some wonderful dog food! My dog Olivia is sensitive to many of the dog food brands out there, and has regular constipation issues. She has not had any problems since I’ve started giving her Bon Appetreat. I also like that it’s human grade food with all natural and no artificial ingredients in it. I would definitely recommend it!


5 Star Rating!! Great food! My dog is very picky with food, she doesn't like most dog brands but whenever she sees something from Bon-Appetreat she devours it and licks the bowl clean! Ever since she started eating this food it has helped her become healthy in so many different ways! Thank you guys!!!


Rufus, my 9 year old Chocolate Lab, loves your food! But what I love about it is that he is finally losing some weight without having to diet. The same quantity of your food is helping him lose weight in an organic way. Also, he licks the food up instead of snarfing it as he used to with kibble. So he eats slower and there's less danger of bloat which I used to be in dread of. Your food rocks! I feel so good about myself when I give it to him. And he loves it


After 11 months of feeding our overweight Dexter (German Shepherd) with Bon-Appetreat, he lost 30 pounds. Now I understand what nutrition does to our adorable monsters. 🙂 Thank you guys!


I have two dogs, both about 7 Y/O and 35 lbs. One of them is a super picky eater. They both love it, and respond like it's the best thing I've given them.

What I like about Bon Appetreat is the quality. The texture of the food is different, and doesn't look or smell anything like anything available on the store shelves today (especially all the greasy kibble brands out there).

That gives me confidence that hat I'm giving my dogs is a high quality, nutritious food, one that will keep them both happy and healthy!

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However, experience tells us that it is better to see for yourself.


Refilled bowls (And emptied!)


Healthy and happy dogs


Positive feedback


At Bon Appetreat we prepare cooked food for your dog. We prepare our recipes with fresh and natural human quality ingredients. We slow cook to preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and quality of the fresh ingredients we use.  Then we dehydrate for your convenience. 

Start the transition to real food for your 4-legged kids with our Flavor Test Drive small bags. This will allow you to 1) make a proper transition to natural food, 2) see how your furry enjoys our food and what flavors they most enjoy, 3) start noticing the benefits of a diet based on real food with 100% natural ingredients for your dog. We send you the dehydrated food. As easy as open, hydrate, heat and serve. Please study the transition process in our blog.  

Once the transition period is over, you will receive monthly your subscription of food for your dog needs. At Bon Appetreat we make sure that your dog loves his/her daily food.

At Bon Appetreat we dehydrate our menus to preserve all their properties and nutrients, ready to be stored in a cool and dry place. For your convenience all you have to do is open, hydrate and serve, it’s that easy!

Price depends on factors such as your pet’s age, weight, and activity level. We normally recommend that you weigh your pet before changing food.  Feed the same quantity that you were feeding of kibble.  Then weigh again a month later.  You can then adjust up or down as necessary.

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