Dermatitis: a diet-related skin disease

Dermatitis is a skin disease that affects more than 10% of dogs, and in this blog we will try to explain more about this condition, the consequences on our dog, how to reduce the chances of its manifestation and how to improve its symptoms if he already has it.

What is dermatitis and how does it affect?

It is a condition that generates inflammation in the skin, causing itching that results in constant scratching, burning, stinging and other skin conditions. These symptoms manifest themselves when the skin loses its protective barrier and, consequently, all pathogens are filtered and the dermis becomes much more vulnerable.

Derma functions

  • Defensive barrier: defends the skin from external agents.
  • Purifying: detoxifies through sweat.
  • Thermoregulation: with vasodilation and vasoconstriction, body temperature is regulated.
  • Storage of nutrients such as electrolytes, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, among others.
  • Activation of Vitamin D: for this to take place, it is essential that the dog is exposed to the sun so that its intestine can absorb this vitamin.
  • Perception: noticing touch, cold, pain, itching, etc.
  • Movement and shape: Being elastic and resistant it adapts to it.

How to improve symptoms?

The most common symptoms when dermatitis occurs are: continuous scratching, frequent licking, redness, inflammation and infection, excessive hair loss…

A change of diet will be one of the most effective actions we can take, since the digestive system, the immune system and allergic reactions are closely related and a reduction of the symptoms can be achieved.

If we strengthen the immune system, we will reduce allergies and their symptoms. This is understood because allergies are an exaggerated response of the immune system, which reacts to a stimulus that should not cause any alteration in the organism. With a diet that contains mainly meat, we will achieve a healthy intestinal flora and an immune system that will be maintained at 100% to be able to fight any pathogen with a high level of antibodies.

A dog fed with a cereal-based diet will be more predisposed to suffer intestinal diseases, allergies and intolerances, dermatitis, canine alopecia, among others.

Thanks to the essential fatty acids contained in the natural diet and specifically in Bon Appetreat, we guarantee an improvement. Vitamin D, zinc, glutamine, vitamin C and omegas 3 and 7 have been proven to be very effective therapeutic measures for these conditions.

Dietary supplements and natural products for external use

Dietary supplements:

  • Turmeric, favors the blocking of immunoglobulins E, thus reducing or preventing allergy symptoms.
  • Spirulina is a potent antioxidant and another effective immunomodulator that we can use for allergy problems in our furry friends.
  • Brewer’s yeast is one of the best natural sources of vitamin B complex.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, better if they are of animal origin. As long as there is no allergy to the food, they will help us to reduce the generalized inflammation and to improve the quality of the skin and hair, which is one of the symptoms that we can see before the allergies (hair loss). Omega 3 fatty acids can be found, for example, in salmon oil, sea elixir, cod oil or sardines.


To apply on the skin:

  • Soothing creams with calendula essential oil, aloe vera or coconut oil.
  • Zinc shampoos and lotions.
  • Neutral PH shampoos accompanied by periodic brushing with a soft brush to keep the coat clean.

Applying essential oils that have a high amount of B vitamins is very beneficial for the skin of our dogs with dermatitis.

At Bon Appetreat we have had many dogs with these conditions that came from eating hypoallergenic feed that, far from improving their situation, in some cases had worsened it. By changing the diet and introducing specific supplements, the symptoms progressively improved and even reduced noticeably.

For any questions about dermatitis in dogs, Bon Appetreat’s team of nutritionists is at your disposal.

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